WHEN EVERY DAY IS SATURDAY, The Retirement Guide for Boomers is a classic paperback that will uncover your attitude about leisure and freedom, finances, work separation, health, relocation, and helping others.  Whether you are about to retire, or already have, this book will help make your retirement happy and fulfilling.  Seven hundred retirees share poignant stories which add hope, inspiration and a dash of realism to what lies ahead for every working adult.  Order from the Purdue University Press (Search PurduePress) or call the Press at 800-247-6553 x2402, or your favorite bookseller, 140 pp. 2010.

Join hundreds of spouses, partners and their children in learning how to cope 1) with new transitions as you enter the first year or two of your retirement and 2) later in retirement, when you, your parents or other family members may require some form of elder care.

Information for caregivers is presented for the first time in WHEN TO TAKE THE CAR KEYS...and Other Things Caregivers Should Know.  You will learn about immediate needs for transportation, grocery shopping, housework, taking meds, driving, handling money and much more.  This book is a Kindle edition e-book which can be ordered from Amazon.com, 40 pp. 2012. (Search takethecarkeysgrace)

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